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Testing Report

Result from the Report of Institutional Review Board (IRB) Research Topics

Detailed Results of the Proficiency Test

Summary of data percentage change from Active (with chip) bracelet to Placebo (without chip) bracelet

Strength (summary of percentage changes in data)

Endurance (summary of percentage changes in data)

Flexibility (summary of data percentage change)

Balance (summary of percentage changes in data)

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Research Topics

Important Finds

The cprime bracelet increases the extension distance by an average of 1.3 inches, which is a very significant improvement. The change produced by replacing the Placebo (without chip) bracelet is 0.23 inches, which is not much different from the baseline. The change between Active (with chip) bracelet and Placebo (without chip) bracelet is very significant.

Close your eyes, extend your arms out, and stand on one leg to maintain balance. The active (chip) bracelet has a significant increase in the length of time, with an average lengthening of 4.93 seconds, while the Placebo (without chip) bracelet has significantly improved 2.08 seconds.

Except that the maximum value of the two-end curl shows an upward trend, all other strength test results show that the cprime bracelet has a more significant absolute change than the Placebo (no chip) bracelet. The cprime bracelet has a significant improvement in left and right hand power, maximum speed, maximum power, and maximum power per kilogram. The maximum power increase value comparison between the two bracelets is also very significant.

Except for the less obvious changes from repeated double-head curls to exhaustion, all endurance tests (maximum sit-ups for 30 seconds, maximum push-ups for 30 seconds, average speed and power, average speed and power per kilogram, calories And distance) are significantly improved from the baseline. When changing between Active (with chip) bracelet and Placebo (without chip) bracelet, the improvement from the baseline is very significant.


The results of the “Triple-Blind Crossover Clinical Trial” showed that after 18 healthy subjects wore the cprime bracelet for one night, their performance in multiple tests such as flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance were significantly improved.

Most test results show a high level, which means that there will be a significant improvement in sports performance.

All factors that can affect the results are analyzed and the possibility of them having an impact on the results is ruled out. As indicated by no major changes in the baseline between the Active (with chip) group and the Placebo (without chip) group, all subjects were reasonably arranged randomly. In addition, it will not be affected by “learning ability” (No matter how long the interval is, this effect will be reflected through repeated testing.)

On the contrary, the Placebo (no chip) bracelet has a lowering effect on general performance, has no effect on the maximum weight of the biceps, and has not significantly improved other results.

The Placebo (no chip) bracelet only produced a soothing effect for the balance test. However, both the Active (with chip) bracelet and Placebo (without chip) bracelet have significantly improved this

The tests used in this preliminary test are for the objective evaluation of flexibility, balance, strength and endurance. They are all used in the standard athlete test. It is academically credible, and it is superior to applied kinematics tests that are commonly used to show that a product can improve athletic performance.

Declaration letter signed by the principal investigator